Grado Lagoon is a mosaic of land and water, crisscrossed by an extensive network of navigable canals, fish farms and small reed-covered islands. It is one of the most beautiful natural habitats of the Adriatic coast and the entire Mediterranean. The lagoon is a nature lover’s paradise, where you can watch numerous species of waterbirds, such as herons, coots, mallards, ducks, swans and cormorants, in a protected environment.

You can also visit the casoni, traditional thatched huts that were once shelters for fishermen and are now often also used as trattorias, where you can taste traditional local fish dishes accompanied by a glass of delicious wine from Aquileia, the ancient Roman city just a few kilometres away on the mainland.

East of the lagoon, the Valle Cavanata Nature Reserve offers an extraordinary natural spectacle, and can also be explored by bicycle. It is just a short, easy ride from the hotel.